In my school Connecting Families and Schools

Live Feed to Parents

The weekly planner is updated direct from the school admin team or the class teacher so you are always up-to-date with what is going on that week.

Push Alerts

Get 'push' alerts sent straight to your phone and avoid expensive SMS text

Save time & costs

Easy & efficient communication direct to the parents.

Reduce stress

Parents have the information they need to hand meaning they are forewarned and can plan ahead giving teachers peace of mind that information is getting back home.

The School stays in control

The admin interface allows school teachers and employees the ability to manage alerts, to-dos and messages, creating an easier and more efficient stream of communication to the parents.

It offers peace of mind for teachers and parents who have taken time to organise a field trip or fundraiser knowing that everyone will be present, and ready!

Basic £25/Quarter

Push Notifications


Plus £75/Quarter


Everything in BASIC and...

Two-way messaging


Report Absence & View

Consent Settings

Push to Social Media

Premium Coming Soon

Everything in Plus and...

Book Appointments

Grade Log

Library Book Record


Payment Gateway